Change Log

2 April 2024

  • Renamed achievements to milestones in order to avoid confusion with achievement diaries
  • Added some extra milestones
  • Milestones are now sorted by timestamp

1 April 2024

  • Combat level is now calculated and tracked
  • The main statistics page now has graphs for combat level and total clue scroll completion
  • The update history page now has an 'up to' link which works the same way as the previously added 'from' link

23 March 2024

  • A waypoint timestamp can now be set for each player, with an extra UI button to show all updates since that waypoint (intended to mark a return point after a hiatus, but can realistically be used for any significant point in time that you want to easily be able to track from)

20 March 2024

  • Support new data points from Varlamore update (Colosseum Glory, Lunar Chests, Sol Heredit)
  • Data point changes are now linked to game updates rather than just using arbitrary timestamps
  • Remove format retcon for data points before 2019, as this is no longer required
  • Add change log page (this page!)

18 March 2024

  • Add a link to the update history page which shows stats history starting from that update (this was already supported, but didn't have any link on the UI to get to it)

17 March 2024

  • Minor bug fix

16 March 2024

  • Add a new feature which allows unranked stats to be submitted to TheleRune using a POST request (implemented in RuneLite plugin version 1.1) which allows TheleRune to track characters who aren't on the hiscores yet or don't have complete data there
  • Add support for inaccurate partial updates
  • Support accounts playing Group Ironman mode

11 March 2024

  • Clue scrolls total is now calculated from the available data if unranked

9 March 2024

  • Support data points as far as Scurrius
  • Characters now have separate API keys and can be added more easily, which in theory allows other people besides me to use TheleRune (asking me to add new characters is still currently required)
  • Character list now has a comment above explaining how to get a new character added
  • Overall skills total is now calculated from the available data if unranked
  • Fixed issue where really new character wasn't displaying "last X days" history properly
  • Last updated time is now shown on the player list
  • Icons on the history pages have been slightly tweaked
  • FAQ update

13 October 2022

  • Tweak the way the timestamp calculation works for "last X days" so all the updates in that time period actually show
  • Clean up the graphs and use the nicer header in most situations
  • Bug fixes

9 October 2022

  • Support PvP Arena and Tombs of Amascut

18 April 2022

  • Support Guardians of the Rift

31 March 2022

  • Disable automatic update (updates now triggered via RuneLite plugin)
  • Changed default stats page time interval to 14 days
  • Bug fixes

29 March 2022

  • Added achievements page
  • Require an API key when triggering manual updates
  • Added "last xp update" history option
  • Bug fixes

27 March 2022

  • Initial prototype version